The Post Frame Construction Process

Wood posts function as support columns in an engineered system of strategically integrated wood-framing components system that permits construction costs - both time and materials - to be cut in numerous ways. The significant savings in construction time and materials mean you can have the building you want at significantly less cost, compared to traditional masonry and metal fabricated buildings. Think of what that means in terms of dollars saved in financing, both interim and long term. But that's not all. Because you move in much sooner, you start realizing a return on your investment much sooner as well.

Post frame technology is recognized as a truly significant advancement in the centuries-old art of wood frame construction. The development of this technologypost4 during recent years came about via the application of modern structural engineering principles and stress testing methods. An often overlooked feature of wood is its insulation quality which is far superior to that of steel or masonry. You'll love the savings in heating and cooling bills!

The unequaled flexibility of post frame construction means your building can be designed to make best use of the available site. Post frame buildings offer clear spans large enough to meet the most demanding requirements total widths and heights can be tailored to meet your need for today…and tomorrow!

Another significant cost-saving feature of post frame construction is the ease and speed of finishing both exterior and interior surfaces. Unlike steel or masonry construction, wood components used in post frame erection permit the direct application of virtually unlimited selection of wall, ceiling and roof materials. The cost and time of installing "nailers" is eliminated.